1. Repaint your front door
    The front door is the first thing anyone sees when they arrive at your home but it is also the most often neglected area of a home. A new look entrance can be achieved in a simple weekend project involving the preparation to the door and then the application of two well-applied coats of paint.
  2. Repaint a room
    If your home feels tired this can easily be resolved by just repainting one room and this job can usually be completed in one day. After you have chosen your colour you need to ensure you have the correct type of paint.
  3. Clean the grout in your bathroom
    Over the years the grout in your bathroom can become dirty and this results in a bathroom that looks grimy. As grout is porous it easily absorbs dirt and grease and the chemicals contained in soap and shampoo. Although it can be a long slow task cleaning the grout will easily return your bathroom to its former glory.
  4. Lay a wooden floor
    Adding a wooden floor to your home adds a highly desirable finish to a room and is also a great finish to live with. Laying the floor is a DIY task that anyone with simple skills can do, you just need a willingness to plan, be able to work methodically and some patience!
  5. Decorate a feature wall with wallpaper
    Adding a feature wall to your home can add a very modern aspect to any room and liven up your interior, and if this is your first time wallpapering doing just one wall is a good introduction.
  6. Put up shelving
    Every home needs storage and adding shelving to your home can help you get organised. There is a huge selection of shelving available and you can have them in wood, MDF or glass – they can be either bought ready-made or you can buy the materials and make a shelf that will fit exactly.
  7. Install coving
    Adding coving to your home will give any room a finished look and it can add a nice architectural detail to plain rooms, especially important if your home is recently built.
  8. Hang a new internal door Many homes, especially new builds, are often fitted with inferior quality internal doors. Upgrading the doors to a higher quality is a medium skill DIY task that immediately improves the appearance of your interior.
  9. Declutter your home A cluttered home will appear smaller and it won’t be a relaxing place to live in. Be sensible about this project though, it makes much more sense to break it down into separate rooms, don’t get so motivated you try and tackle the whole house.
  10. Hire a handyman for a few hours If you have a list of jobs you want to get done but really don’t know how to do them, don’t just keep putting them off – consider hiring a handyman for a few hours.