As part of our Fully Managed service we conduct an initial inspection after the first month of a new tenant moving into a rental property.  This is to ensure that the tenants have settled in well and any "teething" issues have been dealt with before they develop into major maintenance problems.

Routine inspections are then conducted on a quartely basis; one of the main reasons for this is due to the increasing problem of people growing cannabis.  If people are growng cannabis in an unnatural environment the damage to the property can be quite severe.  In addition to this the electrics in the property are also normally tampered with which can result in serious damage to the electricity supply.  People who either grown it to smoke or supply cannabis may look like any normal tenant, this is why it is vital to visit the property a minimum of every three months.

Inspections are carried out for a reason and something every landlord or letting agent should do as a matter of course.  Regualr inspections also provide an opportunity for tenants to tell us if there are any maintenance issues which need to be raised with the landlord.