Damp is essentially moisture and water being present where it shouldn’t be – usually inside walls or rising from the floor.

Condensation – what are the signs?
  1. Water droplets collecting in the corner of the windows or on windowsills
  2. Black spots beginning to show on walls or carpets
  3. Peeling paint on the walls, or plaster


Rising Damp – what are the signs?
  1. The plaster bubbling or peeling away
  2. Brown long discoloured marks on interior walls


Wet Rot – what are the signs?
  1. The smell of damp or wet rot is often described as a ‘musty’ smell in the air
  2. Springy floorboards are usually a sign of the breakdown of the structure of wood caused by wet rot


If a home you’re interested in does show signs of damp problems, don’t necessarily be out off, it’s often fixable, and can be a bargaining tool when negotiating on price.