When you’re looking for a new home, whether you’re buying or renting, getting swept up in the excitement of possibly finding your next happy home can mean you don’t ask all the sensible questions. Here are some questions you may want to ask.

Renting Questions:
  1. Am I allowed to decorate or add changes to the décor?
  2. Can I have pets? You need to ask as it may be in your contract that you can’t, but they may be flexible.
  3. What parts of the property are you responsible for maintaining? For example, the garden, windows.
  4. Does it come with parking?
  5. Does the flat come furnished?


Buying Questions:
  1. What are the neighbours like?
  2. How old are the drains and guttering? Have there been any problems with damp?
  3. Is there a TV aerial and phone socket?
  4. What kind of boiler is it – a combi-boiler? How old is it? Does it have a guarantee?


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