If you are due to put your property on the market to rent then the following few tips should help you make the right impression, find the right tenant and ultimately get the maximum return on your rental investment.

Presenting your property for marketing is key to achieving the highest possible rental yield for your property. Often little things that may have gone unnoticed until now will stand out when your property is on the market to rent.

If your property is furnished ensure that the furniture your are leaving behind is in good condition, this helps present the property but also reduces any maintenance costs later in repairing broken drawers, clothes rails etc. We recommend that you purchase and fit new mattress protectors for all beds, this not only improves the aesthetics of the furniture but also protects the beds throughout the Tenancy. And of course, ensure that your soft furnishings have their FFS Regulation labels attached.

In unfurnished properties, having clean, tidy and freshly laundered curtains or blinds help make the right initial impression. Even in unfurnished properties most Tenants would expect curtains and/or blinds to be included.

In the bathroom ensure any sealant around showers, baths and sinks is clean and intact. Where necessary you can cut out and re-seal stained or damaged sealant. If any of the sanitary ware is stained with lime scale try and address this with an appropriate lime scale removing product. Similarly if there is currently carpet in your bathrooms and en-suites consider laying a hard floor or laminate which can be easily cleaned and withstand more wear and tear.

Take a critical look at your décor, if you know that you haven’t refreshed the décor in some time you might consider redecorating some or all of the rooms. Often neutral tones are popular for rental properties and don’t forget the woodwork and radiators – these areas also require refreshing.

The front and rear outside space and gardens at your property should also be considered. Cut back any overgrown shrubs or trees, mow the lawn and remove any weeds which are creeping up through the paving or patio.

If you are living in your property whilst it is on the market for rent try and keep it as un-cluttered as possible, as you will be moving anyway perhaps now is a good time to asses the contents of your home and de-clutter before your moving day! This will also help give the impression of space and improve the presentation of the property.

Check over your appliances and fittings, things such as faulty bathroom extractor fans can cause you more trouble along the line, check the smoke alarms are working and fit alarms if none are present. Other often forgotten items are bulbs and filters in hob extractor hoods and check all the bulbs in your light fittings.

Finally before your new Tenants move in  you may consider having the carpets cleaned. This sets the standard for which you expect the Tenant to hand the property back in at the end of the Tenancy.