Furnishing a small flat requires careful consideration not only in terms of what you’re buying, but how everything will fit together in a sensible and practical way. Maximizing floor space, making the most of natural light, and finding enough space to store one’s belongings, helps to create bigger spaces, with a few tricks. Try these 6 tips to help maximize your square footage.

  1. Wall cabinets & shelving units – something that is taken for granted, which should be obvious, is the space you have on your walls. Wall space can be used to provide that extra storage you need to find room for.
  2. Wooden flooring- is perfect in small spaces, it’s not only very practical and easy to clean, but it helps to give the smaller floor space a light and fresh feel. Pale and light wooden flooring will help to create a bigger and spacious appeal to your flat.
  3. Fold away furniture – Perfectly design furniture, which enables you to fold away, are great for a small space,  need a table but simply don’t have the space, buy a fold away table, so when you don’t need it you can fold it up and give yourself extra space, without cluttering  up small areas, with big bulky furniture.
  4. Pale Neutral paints and wallpaper interior- one quick easy way to transform your small flat space, is to give it a clean and bright makeover, with a space of paint. Using neutral colour schemes creates a sense of space and light and bright rooms.
  5. Use mirrors – Mirrors are the quickest ways of making a room appear larger. While you don’t want overdo it with mirrors on every wall, a larger full sized mirror against a wall helps to create a feature wall and reflects the room, deceiving the eye into thinking it’s larger and making the walls appear taller or longer.
  6. See through furniture – like glass tables, will do a great job of fooling the eye into thinking there is more space than there actually is.

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